Stacy Stevens
Matron of Honor

Stacy is Jillian's older sister and the reason why Jillian moved to Maine in the first place - if not, she would've never met Cory!  Jillian even lived with Stacy and her husband Grady when she first moved to Maine. Jillian was Stacy's maid of honor almost 12 years ago and she is excited to return the favor and have her sister by her side!

Kate Hornyan

Kate is Jillian's sister-in-law. How she puts up with both Jillian and her brother Jason's antics - one can only guess! Kate and Jillian share some great passions from baking to a good Hallmark Christmas movie.

Stephanie Orloff

Stephanie has been one of Jillian's best friends since before elementary school. Fast forward to today, she is Cory's favorite friend to share cheesy bread with. Jillian and Steph still maintain their tradition of hours-long phone calls that they started in high school. At least now none of our parents come on to say we're tying up the phone line.

Lindsay Berg

Lindsay has been one of Jillian's best friends since elementary school. She's known Jillian at her best (and worst). Before Lindsay moved off to Minnesota, their favorite pastimes were driving around Swampscott with the radio blasting and stopping by Dunks on the way to Bagel World so they could debrief on the night prior.

Meghan Kelley

Meg was Jillian's roommate at UConn and a best friend ever since! While they never got the pet turtles they dreamed about (Tipsy and Murtle), they did have a fun semester! Meg literally carried Jillian through the end of the year... they lived on top of a very large hill and Meg's legs are much longer.


Brett Pahigiannis
Man of Honor 

Brett is the Man of Honor for a reason - he's the only one who actually has any honor in this group. As the man of reason since high school, Brett has always been there and someone to aspire to be. A former all-star soccer and track athelete, Brett was not as fast as Cory but made up for it in his brute strengh and trademark chesthair.

David Wasserman

Dave is Cory's college roommate who knows absolutely no secrets, embarrassing stories or politically compromising information about Cory. He's just known Cory since college and hung out with him every year, same place same time, for the past 15 years up in Vermont. Don't ask about things you don't want to know, as he has zero filter. 

Charles Boyle

Charlie Boyle is Cory's law school roommate, who  was probably the only cool kid on law review, if that's a thing. A former prosecutor as a student attorney, Cory thought he had a life long adversary to beat up on in criminal cases. Realizing he would never be able to beat Cory, Charlie quickly abandoned this job for an area of law where Cory won't be able to get him. 

Jason Kanter

Jason Kanter is Jillian's brother and Cory's soon to be brother-in-law. Highly educated, older and a fantasy football champion, Cory looks forward to having someone on his level added to his family. Can't wait to be part of your's Jason!

James Mace

James "State Street" Mace is both a finance bro and Cory's brother. He will be easy to spot, as he will be a taller, younger and richer version of Cory. To distinguish from Cory's other brother Jon, ask about electric scooters - if he gets excited you have met Jimmy, as he goes by. 

Jon Mace

(missing in action)

Jon "Wall Street" Mace is another finance bro and Cory's brother combination. Also a taller, younger and richer version of Cory. Nominated but declining like an A-list celebrity would. He's already married and has the same wedding anniversary as Cory soon will, so he will be off with his lovely wife and two children celebrating thier anniversary. We will miss you guys!

Other Vips

Lilah Stevens
Flower girl

Jillian's oldest niece. While this isn't her first foray as flower girl, Lilah is bringing tremendous excitement to this very important role and takes the job very seriously.

Maren Stevens
Flower girl

One of Jillian's nieces. This will be Maren's first time in a wedding! While she explained she doesn't know much about it, she did say yes with a lot of enthusiasm (and not just because the ask came with treats).

Meet the Parents

Diane Kanter
Mother of the bride

Paul Kanter
Father of the bride

Jacqueline McKenna
Mother of the groom

Kevin Mace
Father of the groom